Papa’s Pizzeria was established in 1991 by Franca and family who were originally from the Southern Italian village of Francavilla, Calabria, Italy. Having bought the property in 1990 from the Midland Bank the hard work began. The bank was left complete apart from any money! Two safes (both empty) had to be removed including the serving counters before the transformation could begin. The
villagers were all curious at what was happening at the old Midland Bank and were soon keen on the idea of a pizzeria in Ibstock. With lots of long days and nights with help from good friends and Mamma, Papa’s was ready to open their doors on 29th July 1991. Since the early days we have strived to give a good quality and friendly service and adding to the shops appeal by gaining an off licence in 1997, to sell
fine wines and beers. Franca having studied at Loughborough Collage, passing an exam from the wine and spirit education trust (and Steve just sampling all of the wines!) which he still seems to enjoy to date, has helped towards the many return customers over the last 20 years. Lots of things have changed in our village with new shops appearing, lots “under new management” signs and some closing their doors
for good, whilst Papa’s continues to stand by its principles of good quality traditional Italian foods and wines. We attribute this as the reason for so many of our return customers. Even customers that have left the area often make Papa’s a port of call when returning to visit family and friends and often taking our Take and Bake pizza’s home to freeze for another days treat which makes us very proud indeed.